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RAF Annual Review 2011

Magazine Specials
Ref: RAF11
By: Key Publishing
£2.49 (Latest exchange rate: $3.31 or €2.93)


Produced by Key Publishing with articles written by RAF personnel and expert military aviation journalists, RAF 2011 is a 132-page special magazine that provides behind the scenes insight into the aircraft, equipment and people of one of the world's premier air forces.  

Features Include:

Story So Far – The Joint Strike Fighter programme has spawned what is intended to be the West’s most capable future combat aircraft. 

Flight Testing the F-35 – Mark Ayton spoke with Jon Beesley, Lockheed Martin’s Chief Test Pilot, before his retirement.

Ultimate Detections – The Northrop Grumman-produced APG-81 AESA radar

Lethal Arsenal – The full arsenal of weapons set to arm the aircraft

Engine Power – The Pratt and Whitney F135, the most powerful production jet engine ever produced.

When All Else Fails – The life saving Martin-Baker US16E ejection seat and much, much more!

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132-page, magazine

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