Iron Ore 'N' 2mm

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By: Geoscenics
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'N' 2mm Iron Ore 580g  

Hornby Magazine and Geoscenics have got together to bring readers the opportunity to try these superb - made from completely natural materials - wagon load kits at a greatly reduced price compared to what would normally be charged for such quality products.  

This kit is a special blend, or refined grading of the product, produced especially to Hornby Magazine’s specification, for an even more natural and realistic look.   

Available in ‘OO’ (4mm) and ‘N’ (2mm) scales, these kits will each provide enough authentic load for up to 15 wagons in ‘OO’ and 30 wagons in ‘N’.

Each kit includes insert boards, two glue applicators and full instructions on how to use them. These loads are made from environmentally friendly, guaranteed natural materials, which do not discolour when in contact with adhesives and add much needed weight to your wagons. Geoscenics also produce weathering powders and oil-spill kits. Go to for more details. 

Note: Due to varying density of products, weights are approximate, but volumes are roughly the same e.g. coal is much lighter than limestone, but still makes up the same number of wagon loads.


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