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London Bus Routes One by One: A10-X140

Ref: KB0131
By: Key Publishing
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London Bus Routes One by One: A10–X140

Transport Systems Series, Vol 7

This fifth and final London bus routes volume looks at the route numbers with letter prefixes. They derive from the Reshaping Plan of 1966, whereby established trunk routes were broken up, and their outer sections turned into feeder services linking interchange hubs or Underground stations. As these new routes were intended to be operated by flat-fare buses, it was decided to use letter prefixes based on geographical area. Flat-fare operation proved unreliable and was soon dropped, but the lettered routes remained. As in previous volumes, a potted history of the routes and their details are accompanied by up-to-date colour photographs. Illustrated with over 190 colour photographs, this volume represents an up-to-date snapshot of the fascinating modern London bus scene as it stands in the latter half of 2021.

Author: Matthew Wharmby

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Paperback 96 pages

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