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Class 442: The Wessex Electrics

Ref: KB0128
By: Key Publishing
£15.99 (Latest exchange rate: $21.87 or €19.15)


Class 442s: The Wessex Electrics

Britain’s Railways Series, Vol 27

First introduced in the late 1980s, the Class 442s were like nothing that had been seen before in terms of Southern Region electric multiple units. After many years travelling on the old Southern slam-door stock, the public’s experience of riding in one of the stylish and sleek 442s must have been incredible. With the advent of COVID-19 and the cutbacks to rail services across the country, after 35 years of service, the Class 442s found themselves on the chopping block. This book is a pictorial tribute of more than 200 images to what was, by far and away, the best electric unit ever to have worked on the Southern Region electrified lines.

Author: Mark V. Pike

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Paperback 96 pages

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