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London Bus Routes One by One: 301-969

Ref: KB0127
By: Key Publishing
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London Bus Routes One by One: 301–969

Transport Systems Series, Vol 6

In times of old, the numbers 300–499 were restricted to the green buses of the old London Transport Country Area, with 200–399 covering territory north of the river and 400–499 to its south. Since the hiving-off of those operations, these numbers have been freed, and increasingly, they have been used to sectionalise longer routes, which have come up against London’s relentless traffic and thus needed to be shortened. As in previous volumes, a potted history of each route is accompanied by routeing details and one or two pictures of the kind of bus that operates on that route. Illustrated with over 190 photographs, this volume represents an up-to-date snapshot of the fascinating modern London bus scene as it stands in autumn 2021.

Author: Matthew Wharmby

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Paperback 96 pages

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