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Water Bombers

Ref: KB0120
By: Key Publishing
£16.99 (Latest exchange rate: $23.17 or €20.33)


Water Bombers

As the climate changes it is even more vital to protect the world’s forests. This book looks at both the past and the current selection of aircraft tasked with protecting our natural environment from fire. Covering America, Canada, Russia, southern Europe and others, the operators of these fleets are looked at, along with their aircraft, as they go about their dangerous task. With over 230 images, this book covers all the aircraft types used – World War Two fighters and bombers, piston-powered airliners and cargo aircraft of the 1950s, turboprop aircraft, wide-body jets, custom-built water bombers and helicopters with tanks or under-slung loads.

Author: Gerry Manning

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Paperback 128 pages

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