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Low Floor Double Deckers

Ref: KB0112
By: Key Publishing
£15.99 (Latest exchange rate: $21.80 or €19.13)


Low-Floor Double-Deckers

Series: Britain’s Buses Series, Vol 9

In just under 25 years, double-deck buses in the UK have undergone a transformation. Every double-decker in normal service in the UK today is a low-floor bus offering easy access to everyone. This book traces the story of the UK’s low-floor double-deckers, from the first tentative steps to the widespread adoption of this layout and the moves from diesel buses to diesel-electric hybrids, to gas, electric and even hydrogen buses. This book tells the story for the first time, on a model-by-model basis, and is illustrated with many unseen colour images, which show the buses in use throughout the UK.

Author: Gavin Booth

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Softback, 96 pages

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