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Airliners of the 1990s

Ref: KB0088
By: Key Publishing
£17.99 (Latest exchange rate: $24.24 or €21.43)


Airliners of the 1990s

Historic Commercial Aircraft Series, Volume 4

The 1990s brought with it many important developments for the aviation world. The early jetliners found themselves hauling cargo, and the new wide-bodies became the normal mode of passenger transport for long-haul travel, along with the creation of a whole new generation of types for short-haul. With over 300 colour photographs and informative captions, this book reflects the many ways in which the industry changed during the 1990s. Taking the reader on a visual journey, this book explores some of the most popular airliners of the time, and how their aircraft developed throughout the decade.

Author: Gerry Manning

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Softback, 160 pages

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