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Hungarian Arms and Armour of WW2

Ref: KB0066
By: Key Publishing
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Hungarian Arms and Armour of World War Two
Modern Wars Series; Volume 3

Between the world wars, Hungary was a relatively small country aiming to recover territory lost because of World War One, and its Army was trained, equipped and armed to this end. During World War Two, Hungary found itself in opposition to the Allied nations, and although in 1941 the war was remote, in 1944–45 it arrived in Hungary, crushing the kingdom. This book gives a brief history of the Hungarian Army, focusing on the main armament of the land forces: armoured vehicles, artillery pieces, infantry weapons and motor vehicles. The 170 illustrations include 18 original colour photos and 18 colour profiles, skilfully painted by Tamás Deák.

Author: Péter Mujzer

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Softback, 96 pages

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