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F-111: Fort Worth Swinger

Ref: KB0065
By: Key Publishing
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F-111: Fort Worth Swinger

Historic Military Aircraft Series: Volume 3

At the time of its introduction into service, the F-111 was a revolutionary aircraft and was, without doubt, extremely popular. Capable of delivering a wide variety of ordnance, with a high degree of survivability, it was arguably one of the best tactical aircraft of its time. Illustrated with 180 colour photographs, this book covers the operational period of the F-111 Aardvark and EF-111A Raven and contains details of all versions produced, including colour schemes and special markings, and the units that flew the aircraft operationally from the first in the 1960s through to eventual retirement by the test community in the 1990s.

Author: Bob Archer

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Softback, 96 pages

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