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British Multiple Units

Ref: KB0061
By: Key Publishing
£15.99 (Latest exchange rate: $22.01 or €18.90)


British Multiple Units

Britain’s Railways Series: Volume 13

Multiple units are the unsung heroes of the modern railway system. Their many advantages, as opposed to locomotive-hauled trains, include higher capacity, less track damage and lower operating costs, making them an ever more popular choice for modern, cost-conscious, railway operators.

This fully illustrated volume details the history of the major unit types that have operated on the UK’s rail network, beginning with the earliest Victorian-era steam railcars and going right up to the modern hybrid-powered multiple units currently under development. The story is told through a selection of photographs, class details and tables listing the major unit types classified by propulsion types and generation.

Author: Andy Flowers

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Softback, 96 pages

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