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Railways of the South East

Ref: KB0053
By: Key Publishing
£14.99 (Latest exchange rate: $20.20 or €17.85)


Railways of the South East: Sussex and its Surrounds

Britain's Railways Series, Volume 10

Illustrated with over 180 colour photographs, the vast majority of which have never been published before, this first of two volumes covering the railways of the South East concentrates on locomotive-hauled traffic and details a wide range of trains including inter-regional passenger, parcels and mail, fuel, heavy freight, test trains, engineers traffic, Rail Head Treatment Trains, Snow and Ice Treatment Trains, railtour excursions and the luxurious Orient Express. An extensive range of different liveries, many now consigned to history on the main line, are shown. There is also a small selection of DEMUs in some of the areas they once operated.

Author: Andy Thomas

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Softback, 96 pages

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