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Range Rover: 1971-72 GB Trans-Americas Expedition

Ref: KB0046
By: Key Publishing
£14.99 (Latest exchange rate: $20.20 or €17.85)


Making the Range Rover Legend: The 1971-72 British Trans-Americas Expedition

In 1971, a British Army team undertook the challenge of driving the Pan-American Highway in its entirety from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego. This included crossing the notorious Darién Gap, the approximately 200-mile-long missing link in the intercontinental highway’s length. It took almost 100 days of concerted effort for the expedition to drive, winch and float two Range Rovers through this trackless jungle terrain. This book look at the region’s history and previous expeditions as well as the epic 1971–72 journey. It contains reminiscences from eight members of the expedition as well as previously unpublished photographs, decorative maps and commemorative postal covers.

Author: John Carroll

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Softback, 130 pages

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