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The Forgotten American Volunteer Group

Ref: KB0034
By: Key Publishing
£14.99 (Latest exchange rate: $20.20 or €17.85)


The Forgotten American Volunteer Group

While volumes have been devoted to the legendary ‘Flying Tigers’, the ultimate American Volunteer Group, another virtually unknown band of flyers preceded them in 1932. When Colombia and Peru became embroiled in what is known as the ‘Leticia Affair’, a little-heralded arms race ensued. The Curtiss-Wright Export Corporation saw an opening and soon had not only sold the Colombians on an impressive assortment of aircraft types but also an American cadre to bridge the gap until their own crews were ready. Illustrated with rare contemporary illustrations, this book tells the fascinating story of these oft-forgotten men and the aircraft they flew.

Author: Dan Hagedorn

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Softback, 96 pages

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