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Lynx: Final Years in French Service

Ref: KB0028
By: Key Publishing
£14.99 (Latest exchange rate: $20.58 or €17.77)


Lynx: The Final Year in French Service

Modern Military Aircraft Series: Volume 1

When introduced in 1978, the Westland Lynx constituted a massive improvement over the helicopters then in service with the French Navy for anti-submarine duties and quickly became a highly popular rotorcraft. From an asset specialising in antisubmarine warfare, it was soon turned into a multirole platform that proved incredibly versatile, performing an extremely wide range of roles. However, after more than 40 years in service, the Lynx was an ageing design, and in August 2020, it was withdrawn from Aéronautique Navale service. Containing over 200 full-colour images, this book charts the final year in French service of this much-loved machine.

Author: Henri-Pierre Grolleau

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Softback, 96 pages

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