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The Paras in Iraq

Ref: KB0022
By: Key Books
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The Paras in Iraq Book

Modern Wars Series: Volume 1

For Operation Telic, the 2003 campaign in Iraq, the UK contributed a substantial force including 16 Air Assault Brigade’s two parachute battalions, 1 and 3 Para. This photographic journey tells their story, from 3 Paras part in the invasion and operations in the Southern Oilfields and their successful entry into Basra to 1 Para securing the British Embassy in Baghdad and their post-conflict role of maintaining security and re-establishing order in the Maysan Province.

Written by an ex-Para whose role as media escort with 3 Para Battle Group gave him the freedom to move around the battlefield, it is illustrated with over 200 colour photographs and shows the reality of British forces in a modern-day war, with insights into the Regiment’s equipment and operations.

Author: Craig Allen

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Softback, 128 pages

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