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The World's Last Steam Trains Book: China

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By: Key Books
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The World's Last Steam Trains: China Book

Stunningly illustrated portrait of the last working steam trains in the world

China was the last country in the world to manufacture and operate steam locomotives. By the early 1980s, there were an estimated 10,000 operational steam locomotives in the country, but by the1990s, diesel and electric locomotives started to replace them on the main lines and the number in service reduced substantially as the millennium approached. The last steam locomotives were finally withdrawn from China Rail in 2003.

This book looks at the last of the standard-gauge steam operations in China, including Sandaoling, the last steam-worked opencast coal mine in the world; Fuxin, a coal-mining city in Liaoning Province,which until recently, operated the largest surviving fleet of SY locomotives;Baiyin, in Gansu Province,which operated some of the last steam-hauled passenger trainsin the world; and Wu Jiu, a remote coal-mining outpost in Inner Mongolia. Beautifully illustrated with over 120 colour photographs and a description of the operations, this is a striking portrait of the last of the world’s operating steam trains.

Author: Chris Davies

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Softback, 120 pages

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