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RAF Aircraft of the Battle of Britain

Ref: KB0005
By: Key Books
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RAF Aircraft of the Battle of Britain Book

A photographic guide to surviving planes from the Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain is widely considered to be Britain’s finest hour. The ‘Few’ will not be forgotten, nor will they be around forever to recount the heroism of the summer of 1940 first-hand. In contrast, the number of restored and preserved aircraft in our museums and skies is at an all-time high.

This book features a brief history of all the front-line RAF fighter aircraft that were involved in the famous battle and explores some of the major training and support aeroplanes that contributed to the iconic events. The story is told using over 150 photographs of surviving and restored aircraft in the air, on the ground and in unique formations together.

Foreword by the Officer Commanding and the Senior Engineering Officer of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

Author: Lee Chapman

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Softback, 160 pages

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