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Land Rover Series One 1948-58

Ref: KB0003
By: Key Books
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Land Rover Series One 1948-58 Book

Classic Vehicle Series: Volume 1

The Land Rover was a post-war marvel, a vehicle that helped change the face of motoring on and off-road around the world. From its humble beginnings as a temporary stopgap intended to get the Rover Company up and running again in a workshop at Solihull, it soon endeared itself to those who ended to travel off the beaten track anywhere in the world. Its success can be gauged by the fact that in only six years, more than 100,000 were made.

The vehicle evolved quickly in its first ten years to the extent that the vehicles known as Series One Land Rovers include five wheelbases and three engines and it became a permanent part of the Rover Company’s range of vehicles. Owners and drivers soon included royalty, farmers, explorers and soldiers and the Land Rover became a ubiquitous part of the British landscape especially in rural areas.

Inevitably the Land Rovers that started the legend became cherished and sought-after classics to the extent that the Series One owners’ club is now the largest Land Rover club in the world. They are owned by people as diverse as the tasks Land Rovers are expected to perform and this book reflects that. Photographed in recent years, it offers a snapshot of these cherished automobiles, their owners and the events they attend.

Author: John Carroll

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Softback, 96 pages.

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