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With exclusive interviews and photos from Kandahar, ‘Herrick Harriers’ is a unique 32-page tribute to the vital contribution made by Joint Force Harrier towards Operation Herrick.Written by Alan Warnes, former Editor of AirForces Monthly, this one-off magazine tribute provides the complete account of Joint Force Harrier’s five years of outstanding contribution in supporting the troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

 Features include:

  • Exclusive Interviews and Photos from Kandahar
    Personal accounts and images from the five years of Harrier deployment in Afghanistan.
  • JFH Homecoming
    On July 1, 2009 No 1 (F) Sqn completed the JFH Detachment to KAF after five years. Not too surprisingly it was emotional day.
  • 200 Missions in KAF
    Sqn Ldr Rich ‘Bolly’ Hillard describes his record six tours at Kandahar.
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