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Dubai Airshow 4 Disc Multipack

Ref: DVD901
By: Air Utopia
£9.99 (Latest exchange rate: $13.03 or €10.99)


Dubai Airshow 4 Disc Multipack - 6 3/4 hours of action

Dubai Airshow 2017 DVD

The Dubai Airshow 2017 presented spectacular highlights with an amazing opening fly-by followed by aerial displays by teams from UAE, Russia and China! Individual displays included the first ever display from the Sukhoi Su-35 plus the F-22 Raptor, F-16 Fighting Falcon, Beriev Be-200 Water Bomber, Airbus A350 and more!

Dubai Air Show 2005 DVD

One of the Top 5 Air Shows in the world welcomes the Super Jumbo A380 in stunning Emirates colors! Dubai offers a great variety of military, commercial, and general aviation aircraft with a magnificent Static and Inside Display featuring Boeing - Airbus - Emirates - along with many other vendors! Dubai has it all including fly-bys by the B1 Lancer, B2 Spirit , B52 Stratofortress, F117 Nighthawk, Korean T50 Supersonic Trainer - Czech and Pakistani trainers, UAE F16 Block 60, USAF, Embraer and numerous other aerial displays!

Dubai Airshow 2009 - Aviation Spectacular DVD!

Welcome to one of the most exciting aviation showcases in the world - the Dubai Airshow! The UAE provides a unique setting for amazing commercial and military aviation action including a close look at the Eurofighter Typhoon, the AVIC L-15, and VIP Tours of the Airbus A318CJ, A340-600 and Embraer's Legacy and Lineage corporate jets.

Dubai Airshow 2007 DVD

Join AirUtopia at one of the most amazing military airshows in the world - the Dubai Airshow! Operators from around the world flock to this event to show off the most modern aircraft their Air Forces have to offer. See the last ever visit of the F-117 Knighthawk as it takes to the skies alongside the modern military aircraft of today! Includes aircraft of the US Military, France, UK, Italy, Russia, Spain and many more! 

405 mins, four disc, Region Free.

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