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D-Day - Breaching Enemy Lines 3 DVD Box set

Ref: DVD849
By: History
£12.99 (Latest exchange rate: $17.84 or €15.40)


D-Day - Breaching Enemy lines DVD 3-Discs Box set

Codenamed Operation Overlord, D-Day saw 156,000 Allied troops storm the beaches of Normandy on the morning of June 6, 1944.

Victory would strike an almighty blow in the war against the Nazis in Europe. Retreat was not an option, and defeat was simply unthinkable. This documentary series from HISTORY recounts the invasion of Normandy by blending combat footage, interviews with the soldiers who fought the battle and commentary from expert historians.
The series covers the strategy, planning and buildup to the invasion, as well as the battle itself and the weeks of fighting after the landings that led to the Allied breakout and the liberation of France. Witness the heroism of men plunging into the onslaught of war, forging success out of tragic miscalculations and sheer terror. And experience the harrowing, front-line fighting that filled too many graves for the world to ever forget.

Run time 135 mins approx. Region Free.

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