DVD BUNDLE Extreme Airports

Ref: DVD836
By: AirUtopia
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This great value DVD bundle deal includes three of our top-selling DVDs! Taking you airside at some of the world's most extreme airports, this bundle includes:

Volume 2
Volume Two of the Extreme Airports series includes the dramatic approaches of Tegucigalpa and Rio de Janeiro. We also visit Gibraltar, with a highway intersecting the runway and head to Taipei’s crowded downtown airport. Finally we capture close-up approaches at Corfu and on San Francisco’s busy twin runways!

Volume 3
Volume 3 of the Extreme Airports Series includes the Caribbean island of Saba, with the world's shortest commercial runway at just 400m in length! Viewers will also witness a unique approach into Baghdad in 2001along with two of the most extreme US airports in San Diego and Washington DC. We also take you airside at the short runways in Malawi and Ethiopia along with busy London City Airport in the heart of the UK's capital.

Volume 4
Voted as the world's most Extreme Airport by the History Channel, we welcome you to Lukal Airport, Nepal in the cockpit alongside the amazing pilots of TARA Air! Multiple camera angles capture the arrival and departure plus loads of close-up airport action.


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