HMS Ark Royal

Ref: DVD820
By: Simply Media
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Journey aboard the HMS Ark Royal as she takes to the high seas for her final voyage.

There has been an Ark Royal in the British fleet since 1587. But now its final incarnation has been decommissioned there will no longer be any ship bearing this illustrious name.

In this programme, Discovery Channel joins the crew of the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal on her final, poignant voyage. With exclusive access to all areas of the ship we follow her as the flagship of a multinational task force as it heads across the Atlantic.

For many of the crew it will be their first and perhaps last experience of life at sea, testing their ability to live and work in cramped, pressurised conditions.

The fleet first heads to Halifax to celebrate the Canadian Navy centenary including a confidential Royal visit before continuing down the Eastern Seaboard to Mayport, timed to coincide with Fleet Week the American celebration of the US Navy.

Then they continue their voyage to drop-off the Marines of 42 Commando in North Carolina for training with the US Marine Corp in advance of deployment to Afghanistan. Finally, the Ark Royal will head back to the UK as she prepares to go out of service.


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