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The War Years 4-DVD Box Set

Ref: DVD805
By: Simply Media
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The War Years 4-DVD Box Set

Documentary series narrated by Michael Aspel chronicling World War Two.

In 'The Phoney War', the year is 1938 and following Germany's invasion of Czechoslovakia, England introduced conscription in preparation for war. The conflict finally erupted after Hitler's decision to invade Poland. Children were evacuated from London, British shipping suffered losses and a blackout was introduced. In 'The Battle of Britain', by June 1940, Germany dominated western Europe. France had already fallen, and with Italy joining Germany in the conflict, America predicted an early defeat for England, who now stood alone. The British public contributed saucepans and scrap to the construction of British planes, but increased aerial raids by German forces announced the advent of the Blitz. In 'The Blitz', as the Blitz continued, one Londoner in every six became homeless. The Luftwaffe broadened its range, famously destroying Coventry Cathedral in one of its raids. It is estimated that the Blitz eventually resulted in over 40,000 fatalities in England. In 'The Turning Tide', despite military disaster in North Africa, England holds firm back home. Acute shortages result in the introduction of food rationing, with women working in industry and civil defence. In 'The Final Chapter', following Hitler's defeat in Russia, Allied forces went into Europe on D-Day - the 6th June - to repel the German forces. Although London faced a new threat from Germany's V1 and V2 bombs, Berlin was surrounded by April. After Hitler's suicide, it took a further three months for the Allies to defeat Japan, bringing history's bloodiest conflict to an end.

4 DVD Box set, Region Free 

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