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Ameristar Jet Charter Falcon and Learjet DVD

Ref: DVD736
By: Just Planes
£7.49 (Latest exchange rate: $9.36 or €8.28)


Ameristar Jet Charter Falcon and Learjet DVD

Ameristar Jet Charter's fleet is mostly composed of Falcon and Learjet aircraft used for on demand flights all over the US and around the world. In addition the airline operates some larger Boeing 737s and Douglas DC9s.

This programme is the first presentation of the Falcon 20 and Learjet 24 and includes an external walkaround of the aircraft, a cockpit presentation as well as several flights in the cockpit. The dvd also includes a flight on the 737. This is our only Private Jet DVD in the series and you will be taken to many airports you won't see in any other program in World Air Routes!

Run time 185 minutes, Region free

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