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Classic Trams, Trolleybuses, Buses DVD

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Classic Trams, Trolleybuses, Buses DVD


Electric trams first appeared in Great Britain at the end of the 19th century. Horse-drawn tramcars had been around since the late 1870s, but it was the development of electric traction that tramcars really came into their own. Single-deck trams, then double-deck open trams and later open-balcony trams became a familiar sight around the British Isles. Towns and Cities such as Glasgow, Sheffield, Blackpool, Southampton, Leicester, Leeds, Cardiff and London had extensive tramway systems. But many systems were damaged in the Second World War, just as the trolleybus was gaining popularity, and the tram systems were gradually scrapped.

The history of the trolleybus dates back as far as 1882, to a small Berlin suburb where an experimental display of this type of transport continued until 13th June 1882. In 1911 Bradford and Leeds became the first British cities to offer trolleybuses that could carry passengers, and eventually, 50 trolleybus routes operated in Britain, the largest being in London which began in May 1931. Glasgow was the last trolleybus system to be inaugurated in the British Isles, the system opening on 3 April 1949 but lasted a total of only 18 years.

Buses & Coaches
Never has such an everyday means of transport been more popular than the humble bus. Single deckers, open tops, single cabs, double deckers, london transport and luxury coaches can all evoke a special memory of a journey to somewhere in the past. Visiting bus and coach rallies up and down the country, we relive those memories of days gone by looking at the world of the bus and coach enthusiasts. There is something for everybody at a bus rally including model, ticket and photo collecting.



Run time 159 minutes, Region-free

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