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Yesterday We Were in America DVD

Ref: DVD580
By: Delta
£4.99 (Latest exchange rate: $6.86 or €5.82)


Yesterday We Were in America DVD

In the summer of 1919, two WWI flying aces climbed into the open cockpit of a converted bomber aircraft, a Vicker's Vimy, and embarked on the world's first non-stop transatlantic flight. Sixteen gruelling hours later they touched down on the west coast of Ireland and entered the history books. This is a drama documentary chonicling the remarkable achievement of Jack Alcock and Arthur Brown. It tells the story of unlikely pait of heroes, a navigator and a pilot, who met just six weeks before the flight during a chance encounter. Sharing a love of flying, a thirst for honour and galvanised by a 10,000 reward, they formed a bond of friendship that was tested to its limits during their perilous journey.

Run time 59 minutes, Region-free

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