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Swiss Airbus A330 DVD

Ref: DVD554
By: Just Planes
£7.49 (Latest exchange rate: $9.15 or €8.38)


Swiss Airbus A330 DVD

One of the airlines most appreciated by our viewers is back in the Just Planes series and one of your favorite Captains does the honour again as he takes you on a newly delivered Airbus A330 from Zurich to New York's JFK Airport on the early morning European departure and first evening departure from the US. You're once again in for a totally packed program of more than 4 hours with so many interesting presentations, great visuals, the usual multi-camera takeoffs and landings, a special detailed presentation about Transatlantic flight operations by a dispatcher and Capt Covolan's usual bike ride around the city!

Run time 247 minutes, Region Free

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