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Swiss MD-11

Ref: DVD457
By: Just Planes
£7.49 (Approx $9.78 or €8.87)



Swissair was one of the launch customers of the MD11 and became the largest operator of the type in Europe. This DVD allows you to discover everything about this great aircraft inside and out. The crew does an outstanding job in presenting the cockpit and the operation of a long haul flight to South America. You will see what they need to do before they get on the plane, follow the checklists, hear communications with ATC, get route briefings and much more including an external walkaround, a visit in the avionics department where a new tv system was installed plus views in the cabin, the usual scenery, a presentation by the ground engineer and more...


Region: Region Free
Number of discs: 1
Running time: 201 mins

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