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First Class Simulations is proud to announce the launch in the UK and Scandinavia of EZ-Scenery - your way to the easy creation and design of scenery for your Flight Simulator sessions. Developed by flight sim developer Abacus Software in the US, the company turned to respected flight simulator pioneer Konstantin Kukushkin to come up with a scenery design tool which could be used by users who had none of the technical know-how required for such a task.

After you install EZ-Scenery, a new menu item is added to your Flight Simulator main menu. To create new worlds, start Flight Simulator and enter the "slew mode". Select EZ-Scenery menu item and from the dialogs choose from the hundreds of 3D library objects (or your own custom objects). Next move to the desired location in Flight Simulator and "drop" the 3D scenery object into place. Since you're viewing this new 3D object and the surrounding scenery from within Flight Simulator, you can easily move, reposition and resize it until its exactly the way you want it

Whether you want to do simply add your house to the FS world or create an entirely new paradise you'll be able to do it quickly and accurately with EZ-Scenery.


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