737 NG 600/700

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The PMDG 737 NG is a highly realistic reproduction of Boeing`s New Generation Glass Cockpit Aircraft series 737-600 and 737-700. It thoroughly meets the exact standards for quality and completeness as the highly sophisticated commercial airliner.

This product is a full airliner simulation product for MSFS and includes a full avionics suite, mechanical and automation systems represented in Boeing`s 737NG production aircraft, a member of the largest selling aircraft family in aviation history. The 737NG allows you to perform realistic airliner operations as well as enjoy the beauty of a modern airliner. An optional virtual cabin is included for the virtual pilots who like to become virtual passengers during the flight.

The package is based around the 737-600/700 models and includes the following:

  • Accurately scaled and shaped Boeing 737 version 600 and 700 with Gmax exterior models
  • 4 different main panel perspectives
  • Authentic Glass Cockpit Displays / Complete FMC and EFIS controls
  • Virtual Cockpit and Cabin and optional multiple 2D cocpit views
  • Most switches, knobs and systems operable and animated
  • Accurate B737 NG flight model performing to manufacturer specifications
  • Extensive printed Manual ( incl. Aircraft Operating Manual)
  • Further documentation such as speed charts, check lists, etc…
  • Numerous various liveries (more than 50)

This unique product comes with a huge manual of more than 100 pages and detailed information about flying an airliner.


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