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BLU-RAY Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

Ref: BR022
By: Just Planes
£19.49 (Latest exchange rate: $27.15 or €22.56)


BLU-RAY Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER
In 1996 we first filmed Turkish Airlines on an A340 to New York JFK. Now 16 years later we return to Istanbul to find a different company! Now one of the fastest growing airlines in the world with a modern fleet of nearly 200 airplanes service close to 200 destinations and winning all sorts of awards including the Best Airline in Europe!
This program features the airlines' largest aircraft operating its nonstop service from Istanbul to Tokyo Narita.  You will find fantastic pilots who present their aircraft, the route and operation in extreme details. You'll see how our crew gets their 777 on the ground in Narita when many diverted to other airports due to extreme winds and windshear. Our cabin crew is also eager to present what goes on with their service during the flight. Enjoy this great airline & program!

+ Cockpit filming using 4 cameras for multiple views on takeoff & landing!
+ Crew flight preparation at Flight Operations as well as in cockpit
+ Cockpit Set-up , Briefings, Checklists
+ Detailed Cockpit Presentations including Systems & Instruments
+ Go-around at Narita due to Windhear & Landing in very heavy winds
+ Scenery Eastbound over China, Westbound over Siberia
+ Detailed Presentation of the Inflight Service, Meals and more...
+ Turkish Airlines Fleet
Please note: This high definition blu-ray will only play on dedicated blu-ray players. Please check that your player is compatible before ordering.
Region-Free Blu-Ray Disc, Running time 220 minutes.

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