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BLU-RAY Swiss Airbus A340

Ref: BR021
By: Just Planes
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BLU-RAY Swiss Airbus A340

We're delighted to return to Swiss International 9 years after we first featured this great airline in our series. After covering flights to Asia and South America, this time we fly the A340-300 to North America and you're in for a fantastic flight packed with information and great views and ending with a spectacular scenic arrival into San Francisco! Captain Covolan and his crew will inform you on all the aspects and details of this Transatlantic flight from the crews first arrival at the Swiss Operations Desk to the shutdown in Zurich after the return flight. Enjoy this great opportunity of flying Swiss International!

+ Detailed pre-flight preparations including route, weather, diversion, etops, notams, fuel etc...

+ Aircraft external walkaround inspection

+ Cockpit Set-up , Briefings, Checklists

+ Departure & Arrival briefings with airport/runway charts

+ PRM Approach Presentation (Precision Runway Monitor)

+ ETOPS Procedures

+ Decompression Procedures

+ Fantastic en route scenery

+ Spectacular Golden Gate 6 Arrival Route

+ Cost Index Presentation

+ Detailed Cockpit Presentation

+ Meal Service Presentation including a look at different courses & choices

+ Tour of San Francisco including spectacular views of the Golden Gate and a lot more

+ Bike Trip around San Francisco with crew

Please note: This high definition blu-ray will only play on dedicated blu-ray players. Please check that your player is compatible before ordering

Region-Free Blu-Ray Disc, Running time 256 minutes.

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