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BLU-RAY Turkish Cargo Airbus A330-200F

Ref: BR005
By: Just Planes
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BLU-RAY Turkish Cargo Airbus A330-200F

Turkish Airlines, the fastest growing airline in the world, also operates an extensive cargo network and recently started taking delivery of new Airbus A330-200 Freighter aircraft. We're delighted to be filming this great airline again and featuring the A330F in our series for the 1st time! You'll follow flights from the Istanbul hub to Europe, Asia and Africa and see how cargo operates, learn about the differences with the passenger A330 and have 3 loadmasters explain all the details from the weight & balance, load planning to why the airplane needs to be loaded a certain way to avoid tipping on its tail.

+ Cockpit filming using 5 cameras for multiple views on takeoff & landing!

+ Crew flight preparations, briefings and checklists

+ Aircraft Walkaround

+ Turkish Airlines Cargo Presentation

+ Cockpit differences between passenger and cargo A330

+ Loading and Offloading of cargo

+ Loadmaster job presentation

+ Weight & Balance, Loadplanning and a lot more...

Please note: This high definition blu-ray will only play on dedicated blu-ray players. Please check that your player is compatible before ordering.

Region-Free Blu-Ray Disc, Running Time 266 minutes.

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