BLU-RAY Air Canada Airbus A319 ETOPS

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By: Just Planes
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Operating an Airbus A319 across the Atlantic is a very rare occurance however Air Canada has 2 A319s configured for ETOPS operations and they are servicing the Newfoundland to London route during the summer season. We were not only lucky enough to be able to present this operation to you but we actually cover a check ride in which a Captain gets his ETOPS qualification so you can discover everything about ETOPS in details with 2 pilots eager to present every aspect of this sort of operation to you. Bonus is a flight in and out of Heathrow captured both in the cockpit and from the cabin with a great wing view. Many other features make this yet another fantastic Air Canada program!

+ Cockpit filming using 4 cameras for multiple views on takeoff & landing!

+ Cabin filming for wing views for descent, landing, takeoff and climb in London

+ Crew flight preparation at Flight Operations as well as in cockpit

+ Cockpit Set-up , Briefings, Checklists

+ External walkaround

+ Very detailed presentation of ETOPS Operations

+ Presentation of special equipment required for ETOPS

+ Bad weather approaches in Newfoundland

+ Cabin service

+ Great scenery en route and during arrivals and departures

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