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Called to Arms

Ref: B567
By: Kelsey Publishing
£9.99 (Latest exchange rate: $13.46 or €11.90)


Called to Arms book

On a cold day in January 1944, as war raged in Europe, Betty Hussey and Jack Stoate were married. In so doing they brought together two families, whose members fought across the globe to defeat the Axis. In Called to Arms, Edward Lambah-Stoate traces the wartime experiences of nine relatives, including his parents, to present a fascinating account of the impact of conflict on the ordinary people of Britain who gallantly came forward to do their bit.

These included a decorated fighter pilot, a Land Girl, a member of the Home Guard, a Royal Marine, an artilleryman, an RAF doctor and a merchant seaman, who between them fought in North Africa and Italy, were captured by the Japanese and worked on the Burma-Siam Railway, and took part in D-Day. Not all of them survived, but their contribution was invaluable ? and representative. Using a wealth of previously unpublished material including log books, private correspondence and memoirs and interviews with surviving friends, this book provides a unique insight into one family's war ? and by extension, everybody's war.

Hardback, 256-pages.

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