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Ref: B563
By: Kelsey Publishing
£12.99 (Latest exchange rate: $15.88 or €14.68)


Midway book

In 1942, Admiral Yamamoto, who had so successfully engineered the attack on Pearl Harbor, implemented a new strategy: the Imperial Japanese Army would seize the Pacific island of Midway and lure the US Navy into a decisive carrier battle. And, they felt confident of victory. But, right from the start, the plan proved disastrous--and the Japanese lost decisively, with all four major units sunk. Once and for all, the balance of power in the Pacific shifted, with the United States in control. Filled with exciting images of air clashes, and fiery devastation on the ground, as well as follow-the-battle maps, it's a compelling and authoritative account of the reasons behind the catastrophic Japanese strategy.

233 pages, hardback.

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