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Return to Base

Ref: B562
By: Kelsey Publishing
£9.99 (Latest exchange rate: $13.46 or €11.90)


Return to base book

The B-17 Flying Fortress remains an endearing classic to the aviation world, but none knew this grand "lady" better than those who piloted her during World War II. Return to Base, a masterfully written autobiography, relates the bombing history and personal experience of Jesse Pitts, B-17 copilot and member of the 379th Bomb Group, Eighth Air Force, operating out of Kimbolton, England. Second Lieutenant Pitts and the crew of the Penny Ante flew twenty-five missions over France and Germany from 1943 to 1944. This memoir is a powerful and penetrating look back at this "band of brothers."

Paperback, 280 pages.

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