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Pakistan Air Force: Attaining New Heights

Ref: B559
By: Alan Warnes
£39.99 (Latest exchange rate: $55.05 or €47.26)


Pakistan Air Force: Attaining New Heights book

Commissioned by the Pakistan Air Force, this 238 page coffee table book, written by Alan Warnes will take you into the day to day challenges of operating a top class military with limited funds.  The author has been fortunate enough to travel to Pakistan nearly twenty times and has taken many of the 300 images that illustrate the recent years of an air force on the highest state of alert. 

With Iran, Afghanistan and India straddling its borders nothing can ever be taken for granted.  Having shot down an Iranian military UAV crossing into its airspace during June, fighting a war with militants in the western FATA region and continuously monitoring the Indian Air Force, life in the PAF isn’t boring.  Its the only air force in the world that has designed a fighter too - the JF-17, which it is building with support from its Chinese allies at the Pakistan Aeronautical Company Kamra complex. 

The PAF flies a fleet of 50 year old Mirage III/Vs, cutting edge F-16s and Chinese F-7s as well as Chinese and Swedish airborne early warning aircraft.  This book will bring you up to date with the PAF’s challenges and how it meets them with a foreword from the Pakistan Air Force Chief, Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman.

Hardback, 238 pages.

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