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Panzerwrecks 13: Italy 2

Ref: B553
By: Panzerwrecks
£16.49 (Latest exchange rate: $22.22 or €19.64)


Panzerwrecks 13: Italy 2 book

What exploded in the centre of Soriano nel Cimino? Who captured Nashorn ‘214’, and when? What was a weak point of a StuG? Who used T34s in Italy? Why did ‘Schürzen’ go missing? What other vehicle in Italy, besides the Elefant, used electric drive? What was described as ‘fruit salad’ in a British report? What drawback did ‘Zimmerit’ have? What odd gun was found on a Sd.Kfz.10/4? 

The answers to these and other questions are in Panzerwrecks 13, with 133 rare and unpublished large-format photographs.
No of Photos: 131
No of Pages: 96
Physical: Softcover, 280x210mm, landscape
Publisher: Panzerwrecks

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