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West Midlands Bus Guide & Fleet List

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By: Visions International
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West Midlands Bus Guide & Fleet List

Following the success of The London Bus Guide (now in its fifth year) we have decided to expand the ‘Guide’ series to the West Midlands. The guide is designed to shed light on the vagaries of the West Midlands scene and is especially recommended to those who’ve rarely, or never, visited the area. As an added bonus we have included fleet lists for the various operators. We cover the whole of the West Midlands county area in the book. Sections include:

The Operators - Who are they? Who runs what?
The Buses - The types currently in use, with a photograph of every variant for easy recognition
The Garages - Their addresses, the buses in their allocations, the routes they run
The Routes - Frequencies, designated bus types, garage allocations.
The Numbers - Each companies fleet with details of running number, registration, garage allocation and type.

In short, pretty much all you need to know.

148 pages, softback

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