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Cruise of the Sea Eagle

Ref: B448
By: Crecy
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Cruise of the Sea Eagle

On December 21, 1916, a three-masted sailing ship slipped out of the river Weser in Northern Germany. Her captain had false papers, a deliberately damaged logbook, and a young sailor with a blonde wig to pose as his wife. The ship sailed under a false flag and even her name – the Hero – was a ruse. So begins the amazing true story of The Cruise of the Sea Eagle, the account of Felix von Luckner, the Imperial German Navy raider set upon the high seas of WWI to sink Britain’s vital wartime supply ships.

Using sheer determination, pluck and quick wits, von Luckner steered clear of the British Navy to board and sink as many merchant ships as possible. Within a month, he had already claimed three vessels. But unlike Germany’s vaunted submarine fleet, the gentleman pirate made room on his ship for all prisoners and never fired a shot unless it was unavoidable.

Stealth, trickery and bravado together with the collaboration of captured prisoners all helped von Luckner’s wind powered ship overcome his more powerful enemies providing us with a thrilling adventure story of bluff, piracy and above all gentlemanly conduct on the high seas.

Softback, 272 pages.

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