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The Luftwaffe's Blitz

Ref: B428
By: Crecy books, Chris Goss
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The Luftwaffe's Blitz: The Inside Story November 1940-May 1941 Book

Much has been written about the Blitz from a British perspective but The Luftwaffe's Blitz tells the story from the viewpoint of the German aircrew involved, many of whom were shot down and taken prisoner. Using over 30 first hand accounts and previously unpublished photos, The Luftwaffe's Blitz details the Luftwaffe's assault against the United Kingdom in 1941, covering the major attacks and those that occurred during the remaining months of that year. Integrated with accounts from the aircrew of RAF's embryonic night fighter force as they fought against the Luftwaffe night after night in very difficult and sometimes primitive circumstances, this book provides a new perspective on the Blitz from the attacker's point of view.

Pages 164, softback
Publisher: Crecy
ISBN: 978-0-85979-157-1

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