Road Vehicles For Model Railways

Ref: B412
By: Ian Morton
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Beautifully illustrated throughout, this third title in the exciting 'Aspects of Modelling' series gives modellers all the skills required to enhance the appearance of any model railway layout by the addition of authentic road vehicles.

Over recent years there has been an increasing trend in railway modelling circles to replicate not simply the railway itself, but also the broader environment in which it was based. This involves researching and recreating the whole townscape or countryside in which the railway operated, as the backdrop to the route portrayed is now as much as a part of history as the locomotives and rolling stock. An essential ingredient in this is the correct range of road vehicles, from trams and trolleybuses in the urban environment, through to tractors and other farm vehicles in the countryside. Accurate representation of these vehicles can add a vivid new dimension to the recreated railway scene.

This practical guide provides all the information required to get to grips with this complex subject. With valuable information about scale, relevance, operation and much more it will help all modellers, whether beginners or experienced practitioners, to achieve the very highest  levels of accuracy in their model layouts.


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