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We Landed by Moonlight

Ref: B356
By: Hugh Verity
£10.95 (Approx $14.32 or €12.85)


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Secret RAF landings in France 1940-1944

For most of the 2nd World War the RAF flew small aircraft into Occupied France at night, landing and taking off in total secrecy. Their mission was to transport agents to and from France to support the activities of the French Resistance and SOE.

The chronicle of these operations tells an extraordinary adventure story, full of danger for both agent and aviator, involving clandestine radios, secret messages transmitted by the BBC, and maquis volunteers keeping armed guard against interference from inquisitive enemy soldiers.

Hugh Verity flew many of the missions recounted in this book ,and was, perhaps, the most outstanding pick-up pilot of them all.
Format: Paperback, 272 pages
ISBN: 978-0947-55478-0
Publisher: Crecy Publishing

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