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Target Dresden

Ref: B334
By: Alan Cooper
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On the night of 13-14 February, 796 Lancasters and 9 Mosquitoes of RAF Bomber Command, dropped 1,478 tons of high explosive and 1,182 tons of incendiaries on Dresden. A firestorm developed, which led to large areas of the city being burned out. At the time of the attack, Dresden was crowded with refugees fleeing the advancing Soviet Army resulting in between 40,000 and 50,000 casualties.

Target Dresden chronicles the development of bombing from the earliest days through the Zeppelin and Gotha raids of the First World War to the development of strategic bombing of WWII and examines how it affected post war thinking. Packed with facts Target Dresden gives the story behind the raids which were the most controversial conventional bombing attacks of World War Two.
Format: 256 pages, paperback 
ISBN: 1-872836-60-7
Publisher: Independent Books

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