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Eagles of the Third Reich Book

Ref: B331
By: Samuel W Mitcham Jr
£10.95 (Latest exchange rate: $15.07 or €12.60)


Eagles of the Third Reich Book

Leaders of the Luftwaffe in the Second World War

From its secret post-World War I beginnings to its virtual destruction by the Allied air forces, the story of the German air force is best told by examining its leaders. Brilliant, ambitious, ruthless, and deceitful men like Hermann Goering, the drug-addicted Luftwaffe commander; Erhard Milch, the half-Jewish head of aircraft production; and Adolf Galland, the general of fighters who often clashed with Goering.The author profiles these principals and others while describing the Luftwaffe’s battles-both in the skies and behind the scenes and explaining why it was so decisively defeated.

Format: 304 Pages, Softback. 
ISBN: 978-0-85979-149-6
Publisher: Crecy Publishing Ltd

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