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Battle of Britain Book by M JF Bowyer

Ref: B328
By: Michael JF Bowyer
£10.95 (Latest exchange rate: $13.67 or €12.16)


Battle of Britain Book by M JF Bowyer

Clear blue skies laced white with vapour trails of fighting aircraft...petrol-filled beer bottles in the garden shed to repel the panzers...streets deserted when the Prime Minister was on the wireless...radar screens picking up German fighters and bombers approaching the English coast...Michael Bowyer tells the story of the Battle of Britain day by day detailing squadrons, aircraft types, locations and people together with an analysis of the success or otherwise of German raids. The battle is also viewed in the wider context of the war in which both Bomber Command and Coastal Command played a vital role.

Format: 240 pages, softback. 
ISBN: 978-0-859791-47-2
Publisher: Crecy Publishing Ltd

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