Steam Days - June 2019

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Trains of thought

The life and times of The Great Marquess
Briefly named ‘MacCailein Mor’, Roger Haigh considers the career of this ‘K4’ class 2-6-0 from its West Highland and Fife years through to preservation as the sole surviving Gresley Mogul.

The Great Western Railway’s Market Drayton branch
Stanley Jenkins reviews the double-track line that headed north from Wellington, through Market Drayton to Nantwich, where it joined the L&NWR’s Shrewsbury to Crewe line.

STEAM DAYS in Colour - 174: Stewarts & Lloyds’ steam around Corby
Scenes from 1959 through to 1965 show the industrial railways that served Corby Iron & Steelworks.

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Locomotive names and their origins:
The ‘Britannia’ Pacifics – Poets’ Corner
The BR ‘7MT’ Pacifics carried an eclectic mix of names. Chris Andrews looks at the nine poets honoured and studies the locomotives that carried their names.

A summer Saturday in Southampton – 1956
Offering a snapshot of locomotives and the services they worked on one of the busiest days of the year, Bob Poynter fondly recalls a trip from Exeter and time spent at St Denys station in August 1956.

Tail Lamp – readers’ letters